After School

Soccer Club

Starting as an idea from a small group of parents, our school Soccer Club has taken off and now supports six teams for Saturday competition: three Under 8 teams, and Under 9,Under 10 and Under 11 teams. There’s also a development squad for Under 8s who don’t want to play competitively, who join us for training Thursday afternoons.

Drama Club

The Nairne School Drama Club encourages students to explore their world through play and imagination, as well as how to develop ideas and push their comfort zone. We also teach students how to project their voice to become confident speakers and to feel comfortable performing in front of people. Above all, we encourage students to have fun!

Chess Club

Our chess club is a relatively new addition to our after school programs, but has proven to be popular and has already expanded to two teams. Coach and mentor, Helen Arbury-Smith, has already seen our school win a state final in C-grade, which was a tremendous achievement for her students.

Pedal Prix

The Pedal Prix involves racing a HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) over a series of events held at Victoria Park and Murray Bridge.

We rely heavily on the involvement of parents to keep the event sustainable and to volunteer on the sub-committee for fundraising, sponsorship, catering, uniforms, mechanics and Marshalls. The aim of the event is give students the opportunity to push their limits and enjoy a unique experience with their parents and classmates alike.

School of Languages

To help our students expand their knowledge of global culture, French, Spanish and Japanese classes have recently been added to our after school engagement programs. Run by qualified language teachers, these modestly priced classes are open to all students each Wednesday, 3:30pm to 5:00pm.

Cartoon Club

Highly skilled artist, Blair Price, runs sessions for the Cartoon Club once a week in our new Art Centre. This popular class is loads of fun and usually held in term 3.

For more information about our After School Engagement Programs, please contact our office. For language classes, please contact the School of Languages directly.