About Nairne School

Preschool to Year 6

Nairne School is located in South Australia in the beautiful Adelaide Hills only a 10 minute drive from the fast growing, rural township of Mt Barker.

We offer students the rare opportunity to maintain their education from preschool right through to year 6, without the need to transfer into another setting. This continuity of location lets students develop strong, positive relationships with their classmates and teachers, providing a steady, familiar learning environment during the most important stages of their education.

Education for life

Giving our students the skills to succeed in life is a key objective of Nairne School. Our aim is to nurture our students into lifelong independent learners who have a strong sense of belonging within their school, local and global communities.

We use the UNESCO pillars of learning as a basis for all our site orientation and learning, to ensure students, staff and parents are all working towards the same goals:

  • Learning to Know
  • Learning to Live Together
  • Learning to Live Sustainably

Combining a focus on learning, with quality approaches in mathematics, literacy, science, student wellbeing and sustainable education, we aim to provide our students with all the academic, social and emotional skills they need to succeed in life.

Supportive Education

Our school is committed to creating a supportive environment for students with special needs. We offer specific programs for students with disabilities, as well as a highly skilled team of SSOs. Our inclusive approach helps these students flourish and actively contribute to our community.

To provide a fully supportive environment we also have an on-site counsellor and will access support from other agencies, such as Child Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), Families SA, Summit Health, or Interagency Student Behaviour Management when appropriate.

These practices are in line with the Department for Education School Discipline Policy 2007 and supported by Students With Disabilities and the Department.

To find out more about the education practices at Narine School, please contact our office.