Nairne School Library and Resource Centre

Library facilities

The Nairne School’s library is a welcoming open space with comfortable carpeted areas for discussions, story-telling and reading. With a diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction books the library caters to everyone at the school, with picture books for our youngest readers, to a range of teaching materials for our teachers and plenty for all ages between.

To provide students with online research resources, there are numerous computers, laptops and iPads with internet access and a printer. We ensure your child’s access to information on the internet is restricted to suitable material through the appropriate use of internet filters.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Each year Nairne School takes part in the Premier’s Reading Challenge, which was introduced to improve literacy and help students develop enjoyment from reading. Students who choose to join in need to read a minimum of 12 books to complete the challenge, 8 of which must be from the official booklist. The remaining 4 books can be chosen by the student.

We’ll send you information at the start of the challenge so you can encourage your child to take part.

Borrowing books

We strongly encourage students to borrow books from the library for research or for the simple pleasure of reading. Books are available for 2 weeks at a time, which can be extended if the book is not reserved.

Reminder slips are sent home for overdue books, but if a book is more than a month overdue, lost or damaged, we will need to replace the book and an account will be sent to you. If you happen to find the book at a later stage, you will be reimbursed for any replacement you have paid for.

If you’d like to find out more about the Premier’s Reading Challenge or any other program we run at Nairne School, please contact our office.