Nairne School Philosophy

“Emotions are the Key to the Intellect”

Nairne School embraces the idea of community; that learning is enhanced when parents, children and school staff work closely together. We believe that social, emotional and physical development are all fundamental in contributing to high intellectual achievement. That’s why we embrace the UNESCO Pillars of Education focusing on:

  • Learning to Know;
  • Learning to Live Together;
  • and Learning to Live Sustainably.

By teaching our students more than just academic skills, we encourage them to become independent, compassionate, well-rounded individuals who will eventually grow into valuable members of our community.

Building positive self-esteem and character

To bring out the best in our students, we‘ve developed a Inclusive Learning Policy and Behaviour Code which teaches students how to learn, listen and act in a socially responsible manner.

For the program to succeed we operate on:

  • a high level of trust
  • respect for the dignity of the individual
  • the understanding that behaviour is, for the majority of students, a choice

At the core of this program is the Virtues Project. It focuses on building character strengths in children, and all students from preschool through to Year 7 take part in the program. We all have all virtues, just in different amounts. The Behaviour Learning program is also supported by our ‘Choice Steps’, which help students to resolve conflict and look for peaceful solutions to problems.

Proactive Practices

We actively support and reward appropriate behaviour from our students to encourage them to become socially responsible members of the Nairne School community – and expect that our students and their families will also commit to and support our values.
On a day-to-day basis we develop these values in the classroom through:

  • Teaching social skills (listening, responding, group skills, taking turns, negotiation, problem solving, anger management, conflict resolution).
  • Supporting socially responsible attitudes through the Virtues Project (respecting other views, accepting different ideas, respecting own and others property, caring for our school/class environment, personal care and care for others).
  • Creating classroom expectations and reward structures which are consistent with our whole school philosophy.
  • Teaching thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Teaching the Child Protection Curriculum.
  • Acknowledging and displaying students’ achievements.

For further information about Nairne School and our ideals, please feel free to contact our office.