Pillars of Learning

Nairne School Site Improvement Plan

At the heart of everything we do at Nairne School are the UNESCO* Pillars of Learning which form the foundation of our Site Improvement Plan.

The aim of this plan is to give our students an environment which provides encouragement, support and opportunities for them to develop the skills and attitudes to take control of their future with confidence. We also strive to give our students a strong sense of belonging: to their school and community, both locally and globally.

The values we endeavour to build in our school community include:

  • Strong relationships – based on mutual trust between staff, students and parents.
  • Rich learning – nurturing the whole child intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.
  • Connections with community – valuing contributions by all and seeking opportunities for generosity and giving.

Our Site Improvement Plan is always growing and adapting to better meet the needs of our school community. This is a collaborative effort between our governing council, staff, parents and students.In fact, Student Voice was established with the specific intent of giving our students a greater opportunity to develop their initiative and leadership skills through contributing to the 2019-2021 Nairne School Improvement Plan Summary.

Pillars of Learning

There are five pillars of learning in all: Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Be, Learning to Live Together, and Learning to Live Sustainably. While we are working toward fully encompassing all of these pillars, our primary focus to date has been on:

Learning to Know (L2K)

This is the pillar which prioritises academic learning. It’s about focusing on the best way for our staff to teach our students, so they can perform at their best in the fields of:

  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • personalised learning
  • information technology

It is also the basis of our Early Years Learning Framework for our preschool students.

Learning to Live Together (L2LT)

From this pillar we have developed a number of programs which teach our students about positive behaviours, such as how to learn, listen and act in a socially responsible way. This pillar includes:

  • positive learning culture
  • attendance
  • cyber protection and cyber safety

Learning to Live Sustainably (L2LS)

This third pillar teaches our students the importance and an appreciation of our environment, and ways to create sustainable ways of living through:

  • sustainable learning and living
  • kitchen garden
  • value of outdoor play

For more information about the Pillars of Learning, you can download our 2019 Year in Review, or contact the school on 8388 6116


* UNESCO: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation