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  1. 2021 Term 1 Week 1 Newsletter

    Welcome Back! Our 2021 Term 1 Wk 1 Newsletter (Including Term Calendar) introduces some new staff, provides some guides for getting connected with classes and the…

  2. 2016 Newsletter Term 4 Week 6

    Inside Nairne School Newsletter Week 6 Lunchtime Clubs update We find a little about what “Kindness Club” and “Skipping Club” have been up to. Fixed and…

  3. Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

    Nairne School’s Newsletter 2016 Term 3 Week 6 is now out! Discover some of the great things that our students and school community are doing, including: Book…

  4. Term 3 Week 3 Newsletter

    The Term 3 Week 3 Newsletter is now available! Newsletter 2016 Term 3 Week 3  

  5. Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter now online

    The Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter is now available. See inside to read all about some of the great things that are happening at Nairne School!