Book Week Parade and VIP Day



Time: 8:45am - 10:30am
Location: Nairne School

Everyone in our whole school community are VIPs (Very Important People)! But Wednesday 20th of August from 8:45am – 10:30am is a special day where by students can invite their own special VIP, that is ( Parent/Care Giver, Grand Parents, Relative, Family Friend or anyone else they consider to be a VIP in their life) to visit our school and help celebrate the fantastic reading everyone is doing at Nairne! Come and listen to the students read. Come and read to children. Have a look at the great work all children are producing at Nairne.

Students are encouraged to dress up along this years book week theme, “Connect to Reading/Read to Connect” and we will have a whole school book week parade at 9:30am. We would like children to dress up along the theme of one of their favourite books or bring something to show that represents their chosen book. Please bring the book in so we can explore the connection between you and your dress up or object.

Morning tea for VIPs will be served by our Student Voice Group in the Seniors Studio area around 10:00 am straight after our book week parade and our school choir will entertain you.

We would love to have as many VIPs come and celebrate with us on this day and see first hand the amazing learning opportunities and fun to be had by our Nairne school students.

There will be many other activities for children to participate in organised by Pauline our librarian and class teachers.

Thanks from “The Book Week Committee”