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2021 Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter Posted March 31, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

Welcome to our Week 10 Newsletter!

2021 Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter Posted March 5, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

Welcome to this week’s newsletter! See inside for updates from our Library, Preschool, Wellbeing programs, Sports and more! 2021 Term 1 Week 6 Connected Newsletter

2021 Term 1 Week 3 Newsletter Posted February 14, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

Welcome to the 2021 Term 1 Week 3 Newsletter! Inside you’ll catch up with our School Improvement Goals, get up to date with reading in the Library, take a journey into cultures both near and far see how much fun discovering new experiences our preschoolers have had!  

2021 Term 1 Week 1 Newsletter Posted January 28, 2021 | Category: Newsletters

Welcome Back! Our 2021 Term 1 Wk 1 Newsletter (Including Term Calendar) introduces some new staff, provides some guides for getting connected with classes and the school, and our published calendar for Term 1. As last year, the first newsletter of the term will also have a printed version with the

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