Specialist Learning Areas

Health & Physical Education

Physical fitness and wellbeing is an important part of a child’s overall development. In fact, healthy amounts of exercise can prove beneficial to academic learning. Using a mix of games and sporting activities, our specialist H&PE program aims to develop students’ cooperation and collaboration skills, along with a healthy attitude towards competition as they progress through to upper primary. This helps build positive self-esteem and team-working capabilities which benefits students throughout their lives.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts classes allow students to express their creativity and develop their imagination, promoting critical thinking and problem solving which are essential life skills. With a specialist art centre at the school, available two days a week, students from reception to year 7 have the opportunity to explore their creative side through a skills based art program.

Performing Arts

Our new Performing Arts program includes components of music, dance and drama.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM)

Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and problem-solving abilities are just some of the skills developed through our specialist STEM program, located in our dedicated and extensively resourced Innovations Hub. Using the Australian Curriculum, students across the school will be equipped for the challenges and opportunities of this developing field throughout their learning.

Languages & Cultural Inclusion

Students have the opportunity to participate and be immersed in different cultures with our Languages & Cultural Inclusion specialist program. Classes explore different cultures through their traditions, food, geography and languages, promoting an inclusive outlook and acknowledging the many cultures and traditions that make up our local and greater community.