In School

Offering our students an education rich in diversity and experience is key to the Nairne School philosophy. Our in school engagement programs ensure all students benefit from many different activities to promote learning across a range of areas.

Buddy class

To promote a strong sense of community and responsibility in our school, our reception to year 3 students are ‘buddied’ with middle and upper primary classes. Together they enjoy a range of activities including games, technology, drama, arts and crafts, as well as spending time together during lunch and on excursions.


For students who are interested in learning a musical instrument the Department for Education Instrumental Music Program provides the opportunity to participate in tuition-free lessons for wind, brass and percussion instruments at School. These students also join together to form a big band / orchestra and perform at school events. There are also opportunities for private tuition fee-based lessons to be hosted at school in piano, guitar and ukulele.


Choir is a popular activity for Nairne students. The choir excels every year under the professional tutelage of our conductor. They perform regularly at school events and participate in the annual Primary Schools Festival of Music.

Book Week

Creating a reading culture is a real priority at Nairne School. Celebrating Book Week is one way of involving all students (Preschool & Primary) and staff by dressing up as characters from their favourite books to encourage a love of reading and discovery. Students invite family and friends to celebrate the day with us, helping to promote our sense of community.

Cultural Weeks

To broaden our students’ cultural awareness, they get to spend some time with some very special guests each year. Every other year Ngarrindjerri and Peramangk people visit our school. They involve the children in a variety of cultural activities including traditional dance, art, craft and story-telling.

Tech Shed

Creating and learning with technology, Tech Shed gives our students a chance to try their hand at practical skills and crafts. Constructing projects from various materials, students have the chance to participate at a level suited to their skills. The children work in small groups, closely supervised by a School Services Officer (SSO). Those with additional needs benefit from extra sessions as part of the “One Plan” goals and form a part of our Intervention Programs.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

To teach our students about sustainable living, we have a seasonal garden where we grow our own fruit and vegetables. The students learn about where their food comes from, composting and sustainable gardening practices.  A separate butterfly garden has also provided learning opportunities for maths, science and literacy.

Kids’ Kitchen

Kids Kitchen

Using fresh produce from our school garden, our students learn how to prepare and cook healthy, delicious meals, while learning about healthy eating and nutrition. Students are also encouraged to consider the impact of food on their environment and use reusable or recyclable materials to store and transport their food.

Critter Club

Nairne School’s Critter Club allows children to interact with a variety of creatures both big and small, from the scaly to the furry and the slimy. Our critters are respected and cared for and form an important part of the curriculum through education and hands on experience. At Nairne we strive for excellence in the virtues of kindness, empathy and respect and this is shown throughout Critter Club.

We have a Learning To Live Sustainability focus, which involves students, staff and parents. We are committed to caring for and learning about our environment. Our Engagement Programs are often focussed on work in the Nairne community, but sometimes we get involved in outdoors programs and in overseas projects. We all feel very passionate about taking care of our world so it can be shared with others.


Swimming Pool

In term 4 of each year, we run swimming lessons for our students. Reception and year 1 students use our on-site pool and are coached by qualified swimming instructors, while our year 2-5 students are transported by bus to the Woodside Pool.

Our year 6 and 7 students have access to the Murraylands Aquatic Centre as part of their annual Murray Bridge 2 day aquatics program.

All students use our on-site pool as part of their fun and fitness program in terms 1 and 4.

Camps and Excursions

Nairne School encourages camps and excursions as part of our students’ learning programs. Not every class gets to go on a camp every year, but we support as many excursions as we can for all classes. Some of our more recent school camps have included: Zoo Snooze at the Adelaide Zoo, Monarto Zoo, Naracoorte Caves and Arbury Park Outdoor School in Bridgewater.