Pastoral Care Worker

Nairne School has been a part of the National School Chaplaincy Program for many years. Nicki Ede is our Pastoral Care Worker for 2022 and her role is to support the school in its aim to be a safe and supportive learning environment, by role modelling and mentoring, contributing to extra-curricular activities, Breakfast Club, engaging in the life of the school and community, and linking families to community resources and services.

Pastoral Care Workers do not promote nor discriminate on the grounds of any particular ideology, but work to enable a supportive, inclusive and caring learning environment within the school for all students.

For 1:1 or small group contact, individual consent will be sought from parents and guardians. More information about the role and activities of the Pastoral Care Worker is can be obtained here or by speaking to Nicki or our Assistant Principal – Wellbeing & Inclusive Education Leader at the school.

If for any reason you do not wish for your child to have any contact with the Pastoral Care Worker, please inform the school in writing.