Based in the Mount Lofty Ranges region, Nairne School (Preschool – Year 7), Mylor Primary School, Lobethal Primary School and Birdwood High School have all had fairly close ties for decades. This has given us a unique opportunity to exchange and build ideas for our respective schools.

More recently, our schools became increasingly interested in ‘personalised learning’, which allows students to learn in a manner that best suits their individual learning style. While each school has implemented their own approach to personalised learning, we’ve all had the same goal in mind: to increase engagement, achievement and personal growth in both our students and staff.

In 2012 we successfully applied jointly through the Commonwealth’s ‘Empowering Local Schools’ initiative for a grant to further our use of personalised learning.  We used this grant to form the All4One program, which allowed us to review our previous school programs and structure, and look at ways we could build and improve on those for the benefit of our entire school.

You can find out how we’ve changed our attitudes and classrooms to embrace the benefits of personalised learning here.