Student Voice

Empowering our students

In line with our school philosophy which encourages and supports students to take initiative and responsibility, we developed the Student Voice program to give them opportunities to practise these skills in meaningful ways.

The program is made up of four groups, which embody the pillars of learning. Each group is responsible for developing ideas and collaborating with fellow students and school staff to implement and measure the progress of their group initiatives.

With students from reception through to year 7 involved in the Student Voice, all students have the chance to develop their critical thinking and leadership skills in some way.

Student Voice Groups

Each Student Voice group is responsible for a number of tasks and outcomes each year. The roles and responsibilities of each group are to:

Learning to Know: R-7 

  • Report on the learning that is occurring at Nairne School.
  • Write articles for the school newsletter in weeks 3, 6 & 9 of each school term.
  • Maintain contact with the local newspaper (The Courier) and report on whole school events.

Learning to Live Together: R-7 

  • Look at developing and maintaining practices to support students at Nairne School.
  • Be involved in organising whole school events that promote diversity and acceptance of others.
  • Create links with community members and groups.

Learning to Live Sustainably: R-7 

  • Maintain and create environmentally sustainable practices at Nairne School.
  • Be involved in many hands-on projects around the school such as recycling and gardening.
  • Work on whole school events that promote environmental sustainability.
  • Create links with community members and groups.

Learning to Be: Yr6-7

  • This is a group of senior students at Nairne School whose focus is on developing leadership skills during the year and having opportunities to develop projects that demonstrate leadership at Nairne School and the wider community.

For more information about the Student Voice, contact Nairne School on 08 888 6116.