What Our Kids Say

Class 12 – June 2014
Science & Chemistry with Mr Boggiano

By Zac
On Monday afternoon our class did 1½ hours of experiments with Mr Boggiano. There were five activities we all had to do.

Our group did a surface tension experiment, where we had to get a paper clip to stay on top of the water without sinking.

In experiment 2, we shone a torch on some rocks to see if they could store the light and re-emit light.

Another experiment was making a weak acid using salt and vinegar. We put old copper coins in and it made them shiny.

By Georgia
One Monday afternoon we did science/chemistry with Mr Boggiano. We did this for 1½ hours.

These are some activities we did:

  1. We did acid-coins, where we dipped coins in vinegar to make them shiny.
  2. We also did surface tension, where we had to put a paper clip in water and make it try to float.
  3. We also did glow in the dark rocks, where we had to get rocks and shine the torch on the rocks for 10 seconds.
  4. We did test tubes, where we had to put some blue in and then we put floor cleaner in to make it yellow to test if it was an acid or a base.