Dear Parents/Caregivers,

We hope you have had a great holiday break and looking forward to returning or starting with us this year at Nairne. All staff have been busily preparing for the start of the school year both setting up class areas but also planning curriculum and participating in training and development activities which will assist us to have greatest impact on children’s learning.

While there’s currently no community transmission of COVID-19 in South Australia, it’s important we remain prepared to respond to the fast changing nature of the pandemic.

We will continue to follow the advice from SA Health and Directions set by SAPOL.

There are also some new initiatives and tools being provided to schools and preschools to help with minimising the risks of COVID-19.  These include:

QR codes

The state-wide rollout of the COVID Safe check-in system is ongoing. Individual QR codes have been allocated to all public schools, preschools and children’s centres. This will be a staged roll out and we will provide more information as it comes to hand. At this stage please keep signing in at our front office should you be entering school buildings.

Hygiene stations

To support schools and preschools in minimising the risks of COVID-19, each site will receive a delivery of 2 touch-free hand sanitiser stations by the end of week 1, along with 2 litre bottles of sanitiser.

Term 1 2021

The following activities can resume/continue providing government health advice and physical distancing requirements are strictly followed:

  • parents, volunteers, departmental support and other service providers may enter school and preschool grounds but not school classrooms due to physical distancing requirements.
  • school assemblies, graduations and concerts (Unfortunately due to physical distancing guidelines we cannot accommodate parents at our assemblies at this stage).
  • all intrastate camps and excursions (SA Health approval is not currently required)
  • all school sport competitions, sports days and carnivals, including inter-school competitions
  • inter-school choirs, bands and other performing art activities
  • school formals, socials and discos
  • playgroups and occasional care
  • professional learning activities.

Requirements that remain in place

It’s important that students and staff stay home if they are unwell. Adults, including parents must continue to physical distance wherever possible, including at school pick up and drop off or when attending school assemblies and concerts. Schools are advised against booking interstate camps due to the changing nature of border restrictions. The current increased cleaning at all sites will continue.

You can also call the government’s coronavirus health information line on 1800 020 080.

New Reception children First Day

On Thursday January 28 a parent for each of our new reception children may enter school buildings on this first day to assist with the transition of children to our school setting. We ask that you please settle children and then leave as soon as practical. Also, could you maintain physical distancing from others and please connect and chat with other parents outside of the classrooms. We are endeavouring to make this day as welcoming as possible for children and families.

e will continue to do our best to maintain the health and safety of all children, families and staff in our Nairne Preschool/School community and appreciate the support from all families.

Wishing you a wonderful learning journey at Nairne Preschool–Year 7 school.


Derek Miller | Principal