The school canteen provides a range of snacks and healthy meals for students on select weekdays only.

Monday: the canteen offers an extensive menu which you can view or download here: Nairne School Monday Tuck Price List

Wednesday: lunches are not available, but students can purchase ice-blocks during Terms 1 & 4.

Friday: this is our ‘special tuck’ day. Only one selection is offered on this day, which is advised on Thursday afternoon in a ‘tuck notice’ sent home with your child.

Ordering for Monday and Friday is via the Flexischools online service. Please refer to our Flexischools Guide to sign up.

PLEASE NOTE: the school canteen is closed on the first Monday and last Friday of each term.

Healthy eating guidelines

All food supplied by the canteen complies with the Department for Education Healthy Eating Guidelines, Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia and The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

We’re also doing our part to help promote healthy nutrition with our students. Our canteen menus are based on the ‘Right Bite’ food spectrum, ensuring there are plenty of ‘green’ (choose plenty) items on our Monday menu, and limiting ‘amber’ (choose carefully) foods to our special Friday tuck menu.

For more information about our school canteen, or how you can help out as a tuck volunteer, please contact our office.