School Uniforms

The Nairne School uniform colours are navy and maroon and includes a range of clothing items to keep your child comfortable throughout the year and suitably dressed for any school activity.

We strongly encourage children to be dressed in our school uniform or school colours (without any non-school logos or designs visible). Clothing should be neat and practical and keep them comfortable throughout the day. Their clothing – including shoes and/or sandals – should allow them to take part in physical activities, including sport.

Thongs, platform shoes and any footwear without back straps are not acceptable.

Students must also wear tops with sleeves that cover their shoulders and mid-riffs, to protect them from the dangers of skin-cancer.

Uniform Shop

Nairne School has its own Uniform Shop at the front office where you can purchase school uniforms, hats, bags and iron-on logos. You can order your child’s school uniform by contacting our office to place an order if items are not in stock.

We strive to keep our school uniform costs as low as possible, with any profits being reinvested in to school projects.

Nairne School Uniform Price List 2021